Please read the instructions below carefully before starting your application and keep this page open in your browser as a checklist for completing your application.

  1. Read the Tips for Developing Research Proposals, as well as Selection Criteria to help you create an effective and engaging proposal. Ensure you’ve read the Rules & Project Guidelines before you apply. Find your regional application here.
  2. We require a paper copy of your application, with all the necessary signatures included, mailed to the SBC coordinator in your region. See #7 below for printing instructions.
  3. Fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory before submitting your application online. All appropriate signature fields are mandatory on the hard copy version.
  4. Please see the Competition Information page for application deadlines.
  5. Your proposal will be assigned an ID number which will be emailed to you by your regional coordinator.
  6. You may complete this application in more than one sitting. Click Save my progress and resume later at the top or bottom of the application. At the top of the application your will see a place to enter your email address and the password you choose. Save the application. Write down your email address and password. You can return at any time to the same internet address to resume your application.
  1. When all of the fields have been filled in, click Submit. You will be given a chance to review your data, edit it if necessary, print it, and then make your final submission. If you do not receive notification at the top of the application that you can now edit, modify, and print your application, it means that your application is incomplete. Review your application. Any errors will be highlighted in red. Correct them and print your application.
  2. After you check your data, make any necessary corrections, and print your application, click Submit again. You will be taken to a confirmation page that confirms that your application has been submitted. If you do not see this confirmation page your application has not been submitted. Return to the application and correct any errors and submit again until you receive confirmation that your application has been received.
  3. Supervising teachers must read and sign off on the proposals after confirming that they are within the SBC Rules & Project Guidelines.
  4. Take the printed copy, obtain the appropriate signatures, and mail it to the regional coordinator for your region. Failure to submit the signed copy constitutes an incomplete application and will result in the disqualification of your project.