If you’ve been selected to compete in the SBC regionals – congratulations! You’re one step closer to realizing your potential as a future scientist. You’re sure to be very busy carrying out experiments with your mentor, but don’t forget the project display component – it’s a key requirement in presenting your findings to the judging committee. Here are some examples of posters from previous competitions.

Guidelines & Tips

  1. Your one-sheet “roll-up” poster must be able to be fastened to a backboard* and easily removed for transportation.
  2. Required dimensions: 36” high x 48” wide
  3. Poster should include the following:
    • project title
    • student and school names
    • abstract
    • introduction: background, rationale, possible applications, etc.
    • materials and methods
    • results: graphs, photos, tables, descriptions, etc.
    • discussion and conclusion
    • references
    • acknowledgements (to principal, teacher, mentor(s), or others as appropriate)
The best way to create your poster is in PowerPoint or a similar program, and then have it printed at Kinkos or a similar printshop. Some printers supply a free template but you can also find several on the internet.

Make sure to have your mentor review your poster before printing!

*Check with your regional coordinator to see if backboards will be provided in your region. For the National SBC, foam core backboards will be provided. If you are asked to provide your own backboard, it should be 36” high x 48” wide and self-supporting. If set on a tabletop or on the floor, it should not be higher than 6.5 feet (2 metres).