This year, Sanofi Biogenius Canada is happening virtually! We’re building a fantastic new online platform – you can choose to compete individually or in a group of two – to bring all SBC competitors together in one space for the first time, whether you’re at school or at home. Innovation knows no boundaries!

Did you register in 2019-2020? We want you back!

We’re eager to welcome back all eligible students who registered for our 2020 edition, but never had a chance to compete. If you are still in Grades 9-12, your registration form from last year has been reactivated, and you can continue right where you left off. And if you are looking for a new mentor, we’ll help with our virtual mentorship opportunities.

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We are stepping up with virtual mentorships

Mentorship goes virtual this year, and with geography no longer a factor, you’ll have access to mentors from across Canada. To make it even easier, SBC will be providing you with free access to several online apps, including videoconference, video editing and file-sharing services as part of our new ‘Virtual Mentorship Toolbox’.

Looking to be placed with a mentor? You’ll need to register with us NO LATER THAN December 18, 2020. Get more info!

We’re moving project judging into cyberspace

We’re adapting our judging processes for the ‘new normal’, moving all project judging online. Between March 22 and April 16, you’ll schedule a 25-minute slot to present your project by videoconference to a panel of three local judges. Questions and answers will be done live in your private session.

Want to learn more about how our judging takes place? Click here for the details.