Wang & Yao: Where are they now?

Mranda Wang & Jeannie Yao

Miranda Wang & Jeannie Yao continue to change the world!

Sanofi Biogenius Canada: Wang & Yao: Where are they now?

It is amazing to see how each year Sanofi Biogenius Canada ignites and develops student interest in biotechnology research. But it does more than just inspire, SBC helps to put these students on the path to change the world.

Miranda Wang (22 years old) and Jeanny Yao (21 years old) are doing just that.

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SBC Alumni: Q&A with Jeanny Yao

Tell us about your history with SBC

I participated in SBC in my grade 12 year. My best friend, Miranda Wang, and I tackled the research project on the bio-degradation of phthalates, which are toxic chemicals added to everyday plastic products. We were placed first in the regional round in BC, and then received the Greatest Commercialization Award at the national level in 2012.

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Guest blog by Julien Sénécal

Originally posted on the CDRD blog, July 10, 2014

At CDRD, we value the importance of science education, outreach and promotion of young scientific innovation.  This year, we were proud to be national sponsors of the Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Canada (SBCC).  Several of our scientists were pleased to have met with the participants and sat on the regional judging panel for the BC stage of the competition.  They were overwhelmed with the in-depth scientific knowledge that these young scientists displayed, as was our President and CEO, Karimah Es Sabar when she met the National Finalists in Ottawa in May.  Julien Sénécal, one of the top-five finalists took the time to write about his experience of SBCC 2014, and why such initiatives are so important in nurturing young scientists.  Well done to Julien and all participants in this year’s competition.  We look forward to SBC 2015.  Enjoy!

By Julien Sénécal……

In the Fall of 2013, I was offered the opportunity to partake in the Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Canada, 2014 competition and to conduct my research at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research in the area of HIV.  Here is my story:

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