Sanofi Biogenius Canada unveils new identity for a new generation of young scientists

LONDON, ONOct. 1, 2014 /CNW/ – As science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education takes a more prominent role in the classroom, Canada’s most prestigious competition for aspiring young scientists is kicking off its 22nd year with an exciting new redesign and slate of activities that will engage Canadians from coast to coast.

The Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Canada has been re-branded as Sanofi Biogenius Canada, with a fresh new visual identity designed to inspire budding scientists and researchers, and engage all Canadians in the importance of their work. The term “Biogenius” celebrates the exceptional talent, ability and vision of the high school and CEGEP students who participate in the program, and highlights the breadth and depth of Canada’s scientific talent of tomorrow, from biotech and beyond.

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SBC Alumni: Q&A with Isabelle Labeca-Gordon

Isabelle Labeca-Gordon competed in the SBCC in 2013, during her grade 12 year of high school. She was mentored by Dr. Tony Mazzulli at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. In our interview, Isabelle highlights how the SBCC gave her a unique opportunity to pursue research in a university lab under the guidance of a mentor, an experience she says she couldn’t have had without the SBCC.

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SBC 2014 National Competitor Project Descriptions

First place & Commercialization Award
Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification System for Point-of-Care HIV Diagnosis

Nicole Ticea, Grade 10
York House School, Burnaby, BC

Approximately 34 million people worldwide are infected with HIV, including 2.3 million children. To date, there is no accurate point-of-care HIV test for neonates or acutely infected adults. Prompt diagnosis is vital for early initiation of anti-retroviral therapy, which can significantly suppress infection and improve survival rates. This project presents a rapid isothermal nucleic acid amplification system capable of performing point-of-care HIV diagnosis from crude samples.

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