The participation of talented scientific and academic mentors is a unique part of the SBC experience. Armed with the proper guidance and expertise, our participants have been capable of the most extraordinary, top-level research projects, with many seeing great success – and even opportunities for commercialization. But they can’t do it without you.

Paying it forward

SBC participants represent fresh, raw talent ready to soak up everything they’re taught. As a mentor, you can bring out their passion and skill, as well as teach valuable lessons on how to think critically, problem-solve effectively, and practice patience and perseverance in a lab setting. Past mentors have been amazed by the talent and ability of the young researchers who enter this competition – students whose work in many cases have contributed to the international scientific body of knowledge.

Mentor placement

Some students have already made arrangements to work with a particular mentor in the course of developing their research project. In most cases, however, it is SBC organizers that identify scientists and researchers whose expertise and facilities would be most helpful to a particular participant. Learn more about how mentors get placed with student here.

Are you interested in joining the team?

Are you an academic or professional in the field of biotechnology or life sciences? Your guidance and resources can help transform the SBC experience for a budding scientist and open doors they never thought possible.

SBC looks for professional mentors willing to work with high school students to help guide and refine projects, and ensure projects are following appropriate scientific methodologies and procedures. SBC projects fall within the area of biotechnology or health sciences, including but not limited to the following fields:

  • Healthcare and medicine;
  • Agriculture and agri-food;
  • Forestry and mining;
  • Food processing;
  • Environmental science and climatology;

  • Biochemistry;
  • Molecular biology;
  • Cellular biology;
  • Genomics;
  • Microbiology.
Time Commitment for a Mentor
  • Can vary, but typically consists of 3-4 one-hour sessions via videoconferencing (or in person, if local COVID restrictions permit). Scheduling will be decided upon agreement between student(s) and mentor.
  • Mentors providing project review and advice.
  • Mentors also review and sign off on laboratory booklet.

Student registration are required to complete their project by March 1, providing up to 6 months for research work to be completed. Students requiring mentorship will register anytime between October 13 and December 18. Students registering after December 18 must engage their own mentors; SBC will be unable to place mentors after that date.

Notes on Technology

As part of the competition for the 2020-21 cycle, students will be provided with free access to several online computer apps, including videoconference and file-sharing services, so that they can easily work with their mentors as part of their ‘Virtual Mentorship Toolbox’. The mentor is not responsible for sourcing such technology or providing support in that manner.

Contact us today to join the team.