Excellent writing skills that can clearly and concisely present your inspiration, experimental processes and interpretations of your results, are crucial as a budding scientist. SBC competitors must be able to express their ideas in writing, in a well-crafted project write-up. Every students is required to submit one in order to participate.


In the interest of simplifying the registration process, it’s no longer required to provide SBC organizers with a 1,200 word proposal when you first register for the competition. Instead, we only require a brief summary of your project idea – maximum 250 words – when you register. This must provide SBC organizers the necessary information to conduct mentor placement, if applicable. Learn about mentor placement here.

While it is entirely optional, if you do choose to provide a full proposal document when registering, you will have the opportunity to update and/or replace this document with your full project write-up before March 15.


Developing a solid idea that is realistic within the context of Sanofi Biogenius Canada can be a challenge. Click here for advice on developing your SBC idea, and determining if it is suitable for our competition.


You must complete a 1,200 word write-up as part of your final submission to the competition, not including your bibliography and appropriate references/footnotes. This write-up should include the following elements:

  • Title: A scientifically informative title. What do you hope to accomplish in the investigation? What question are you trying to answer? (1 or 2 sentences).
  • Introduction: Background information on the organism(s) or process(s) that will be investigated. (1 or 2 short paragraphs).
  • Relevant Application: Explanation of how the idea was arrived at, or justification of why such an investigation is relevant and worth doing.
  • Experimental Design: Detailed description subject groupings; explanation of variables being controlled, manipulated and measured; phases of experiments if they are to be done in stages.
  • Results and Interpretation: Explanation of the form of results and suggestion of possible mechanisms.
  • Appendices: Materials and Methods. Detailed explanation of the methods and techniques required for proposed research work; list of materials, instruments and equipment that your school will be able to provide toward this project.
  • Timeline of Project: Your action plan through your project’s development, including key milestone dates.
  • Mentorship Support: Name and contact information for supervising teacher; name and contact information for your mentor. Need a mentor? Learn more about getting placed with a mentor here.

Your write-up must be submitted online through your SBC Registration Profile. Final files are due no later than March 15, 2021. To be eligible, you must complete your SBC registration no later than March 1; no new students will be added after that date.

Your final write-up can be uploaded to the Submit Your Final Project Materials section of your personal SBC Registration Profile. If you have requested mentor placement and have NOT yet confirmed the name of your mentor, you must confirm your mentor’s name first in order to get access to this section. Access your personal SBC Registration Profile by clicking the LOG IN TO YOUR PROFILE button at the top of this page. Click here to learn more about the final files you must submit to compete in SBC.