Leveling the playing field for all students helps Sanofi Biogenius Canada ensure equitable access to everything that the competition has to offer, regardless of a student’s background, location or financial capacity. One of the ways we do that is by providing electronic tools to all students free of charge as part of our virtual mentorship program.


Mentorship goes virtual this year, and with geography no longer a factor, you’ll have access to mentors from across Canada from SBC’s extensive volunteer bank. You will work with a professional mentor via videoconference or other remote means, and, should local restrictions allow, mentors can also provide in-person lab access on a case-by-case basis.

Learn more about our virtual mentorship program, and how you can be placed with a mentor, by clicking here.


Whether you’ve been placed with a mentor by SBC organizers, or have chosen one on your own, you need the tools to make virtual mentorship work… and SBC now provides them to you. Once you’ve confirmed you have your mentor in place, you’ll get free access to a suite of online apps, as part of our new ‘Virtual Mentorship Toolbox’.

Please note that you can ONLY access these services through your SBC Registration Profile, which automatically verifies your log-in credentials through our single sign-on (SSO) service. If you attempt to log-in to these apps directly by visiting their websites or logging into a smartphone app, you will NOT be able to login.


Zoom VideoconferencingVideoconference with your Mentor via Zoom
Thanks to our partnership with Zoom, you can conduct all of your exchanges and meetings with your mentor using the Zoom videoconferencing service. All you need is your mentor’s email address, and you can book your call. For group projects, don’t forget to include your partner!
WeTransfer File TransferTransfer Large Files via WeTransfer
When email is not good enough, ensure the proper transfer of your large documents, including large PDFs, video files and PowerPoint presentations to your mentor via the WeTransfer app. Just include the email address of your recipient, uplaod the file, and you are on your way!
WeVideo Video Editing SoftwareCreate your Video Presentation with WeVideo
To complete your 3-5 minute video – mandatory for all SBC competitors – use WeVideo to easily upload your video clips and edit everything together into one great presentation! Need some tips on the requirements for your video presentation? Click here for the details.