Knowledge is power

Scientific and academic mentors have a crucial part to play in the SBC experience. Armed with the proper guidance and expertise, previous participants have been capable of the most extraordinary, top-level research projects, with many seeing great success – and even opportunities for commercialization.

Paying it forward

SBC participants represent fresh, raw talent ready to soak up everything they’re taught. As a mentor, you can bring out their passion and skill, as well as teach valuable lessons on how to think critically, problem-solve effectively, and practice patience and perseverance in a lab setting. Past mentors have been amazed by the talent and ability of the young researchers who enter this competition – students whose work in many cases have contributed to the international scientific body of knowledge.

Mentor selection

Some students have already made arrangements to work with a particular mentor in the course of developing their research proposal. In most cases, however, it is the Proposal Evaluation Committee that identifies scientists and researchers whose expertise and facilities would be most helpful to a particular student. Potential mentors are contacted to see if they are interested in working with high school students. If the mentor agrees, his or her name and telephone number are given to the students with the instruction that they are responsible for contacting the mentor and persuading him or her to assist them.
Become a mentor

Are you an academic or professional in the field of biotechnology? Your guidance and resources can help make the SBC possible for a budding scientist. Please consider being a mentor – an experience described by past participants as “fulfilling,” “educational,” and “life-changing.”

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