Open the door to a biotechnology career

This is your chance to work under the guidance of an expert scientific mentor with access to a real-world laboratory environment. Not only will you learn how to structure, conduct and report on your experiment, but you’ll also learn how to share your discovery with others and communicate high-level scientific concepts to a wide audience.

Plus, the SBC gives you the chance to win cash prizes and scholarships, as well invaluable industry connections to get you started on your chosen path.

When we say the Sanofi Biogenius Canada offers a chance for you to change the world, we’re not kidding. Students who have taken part in years past have tackled everything from cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, to crop life and animal health. What matters to you? What problem would you like to solve? Choose your question and dive into research that could have a meaningful impact for Canadians down the road.

Need a little more convincing?

According to a survey of past SBC participants:

  • 84% say their SBC experience helped determine their field of study or career plan.
  • 74% have gone on to pursue biotechnology-related education or professions.

Click here to read success stories from SBC alumni, whose groundbreaking projects have led to studies in ivy league universities, international acclaim, and promising careers in the field of Biotechnology.