1st Place: Iveta Demirova


Our 2016 National Grand Prize winner was Iveta Demirova of British Columbia for her project “Exploring the development of antibody-scaffolded membrane-fusion inhibitors for HIV-1 therapy”. Iveta was able to discover a new therapy to help individuals living with HIV. Her research has the potential to help HIV-positive individuals that have become resistant to current treatment options.

Melody2nd Place: Melody Song

Our National Runner-Up was Melody Song for her project “Fabalous Markers: Preventing Fauvism by Selecting Faba Beans Mutants Using Molecular Markers.”
Amit4th Place: Amit Scheer

Our fourth place winner was Amit Scheer for his project “A novel biomaterial matrix and dendrimer conjugate to enhance therapeutic cancer vaccination efficacy.”
Dennis3rd Place: Dennis Drewnik

Our third place winner was Dennis Drewnik for his project “Comprehensive RNA Profiling Identifies Novel Blackleg Resistance Genes in Canola.”

Lucas5th Place: Lucas Penny

Our fifth place winner and recipient of the professionalism award was Lucas Penny for his project “Salivary microRNAs as a Novel Tool for Microfluidic Detection of Breast Cancer.”

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