1st Place: Tasnia Nabil


Our 2017 National Grand Prize winner was Tasnia Nabil of Southwestern Ontario for her project “A Novel Computational Approach to Advance Ferromagnetic NanoTherapy as a Therapeutic Solution for Cancer.” Tasnia discovered a new cancer treatment using Ferromagnetic NanoTherapy. Her treatment has been shown to theoretically kill 88% of breast cancer cells in less than an hour.

Justin2nd Place: Justin Lin

Our National Runner-Up was Justin Lin for his project “Development of an Interfering Peptide- Directed Knockdown of Misfolded SOD1.”



Varun4th Place: Varun Kundra

Our fourth place winner was Varun Kundra for his project “A novel electrode-based biosensor for the detection and diagnosis of CNS injuries.”
Jody3rd Place: Jody Mou

Our third place and commercialization winner was Jody Mou for her project “Optimization of 3D tumour model manufacturing with cell printer technology for controlled ECM deposition in a biocomposite scaffold.”

Harkirat5th Place: Harkirat Bhullar

Our fifth place winner was Harkirat Bhullar for his project “Deep Learning for Autism Diagnosis: Insights into Genomic and Phenotypic Features.”

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