1st Place: Sajeev Kohli

Sajeev Kohli 

Our 2018 National Grand Prize winner was Sajeev Kohli of Southwestern Ontario for his project “Recruiting Endogenous Proteins for Site Specific Transport: A Novel Workflow for Gene Carrier Design.” Sajeev researched nanoparticles as a delivery mechanism for targeted cancer treatment. The nanoparticles have been reverse engineered to become more effective when attached to proteins in the body. Sajeev found this treatment effective when applied to lung, breast and colorectal cancer, but with a little tweaking of the algorithm he hopes to apply this therapy to different cancers and other diseases.

Marc Henein2nd Place:
Marc Henein

Our National Runner-Up was Marc Henein for his project “Design of injectable, labile plasma iron-responsive hydrogel for the treatment of iron overload by regulated chelation therapy.”

Harkirat Bhullar

4th Place:
Harkirat Bhullar

Our fourth place winner was Harkirat Bhullar for his project “Battling Superbugs: A Machine Learning Framework for Identifying Novel Antibiotic Resistance Factors.”
Jacob Harvey3rd Place:
Jacob Harvey

Our third place winner was Jacob Harvey for his project “Bioplastic production from degradation products of Polyethylene terephthalate.”



Albert Nitu5th Place:
Albert Nitu

Our fifth place winner was Albert Nitu for his project “A Novel Oligo-Nucleotidic DNAzyme Based Colorimetric Assay for the Affordable Early Diagnosis of Pathogenic Diseases.”

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