Sanofi Canada has been a proud partner of Sanofi Biogenius Canada (SBC) since the program’s founding in 1992. A true global healthcare partner, Sanofi prevents illness with vaccines; provides innovative treatments that empower life by fighting pain and easing suffering; and stands by the few who suffer from rare diseases and the millions with long-term chronic conditions. The company employs close to 1,900 people in Canada. 

Nurturing the scientists and researchers of tomorrow

Through its ongoing commitment to empowering life, Sanofi is dedicated to supporting a robust and dynamic research and development culture in Canada. In 2016 alone, Sanofi companies invested $130 million in R&D across the country, creating jobs, economic activity and opportunity from coast to coast. Sanofi is ranked first in the biopharma industry, and second overall in Canada, for its research investments, listed within the Winners Circle for Research Intensity by RE$EARCH Infosource Inc. SBC reflects the depth of this commitment, helping foster the next generation of Canada’s biopharmaceutical scientists and researchers. 

A bit of history

In 1992, Sanofi recognized the need to engage high school students in biotechnology education, and nurture their innate interest in pushing scientific boundaries in the field. The inaugural SBC program was launched a year later, in conjunction with the Biotechnology Industry Organization’s first meeting in Canada. Today, the program logistics are managed by Partners in Research, in close partnership with science outreach and biotechnology industry organizations across Canada.

Sanofi is proud to play a central role in the SBC program, and build on its 25-year legacy by sharing resources and expertise that help contribute to the competition’s continued success. Both the company’s executive team and in-house researchers are pleased to work alongside these budding scientists, witnessing their growth and inventive spirit, and look forward to their accomplishments in the future.

“Even after more than 20 years of the Biogenius competition, I am simply astounded by the life-changing discoveries that these young students make, and the power of science. Thanks to the collaboration between industry, government and academia, SBC fosters a culture of innovation in Canada, ultimately accelerating Canadian competitiveness and productivity. Programs like this are essential to shape and cultivate the next generation of leaders.”

Mark Lievonen, Former President, Sanofi Pasteur Limited